Poland Leads Central and Eastern European Cloud Adoption: Report

manoncomputercloudPoland has the highest adoption of cloud in the Eastern European region, according to a recent report by Austrian IT company Kapsch.

Polish small and medium-sized enterprises are using cloud services more than any other country in the region with the exception of Turkey. Thirty-one percent of Polish SMEs surveyed for the report said they use a cloud service.

According to a report by ZDNet on Monday, one in five Romanian companies use a cloud service, and 29 percent of companies in Western Austria subscribe to a cloud service.

The report surveyed 900 IT managers from seven countries, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and Slovakia. The average cloud use across the seven countries is 27 percent.

Thirty-percent of IT managers in Poland plan to migrate at least part of their data to cloud computing within the next three years, and 25 percent plan to buy integrated communication systems.

Around 30 percent of Polish companies allow their employees to use their own mobile devices at work, compared with the 25 percent average across the region. Austria leads in BYOD, with 36 percent of IT managers reporting to allow employees to use their own smartphones or tablets at work.

According to a separate report cited by ZDNet by market research company PMR, the value of the entire cloud market in Poland last year was around €75 million, a 30 percent increase year-over-year.

The central challenge around cloud adoption in Poland is awareness, and educating users on the differences between servers, cloud instances, VPS and dedicated servers or shared hosting, according to ZDNet.

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