BlueStripe Releases Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring for Windows Azure and System Center

The latest version of Transaction Monitoring software from BlueStripe Software includes application-aware health monitoring of Azure-based application components. The software, called FactFinder, allows IT Operations teams that use Microsoft System Center to see the health and performance of all their distributed applications inside System Center Operations Manager, the health status of all data center infrastructure components, and the health status of any Azure-based components.

BlueStripe’s FactFinder delivers real-time transaction maps and performance alerts to System Center Operations Manager, Service Manager, and Orchestrator. FactFinder automatically discovers and dynamically maps end-to-end distributed applications, regardless of the architecture or operating systems of the component servers. FactFinder’s new capabilities overlay Azure health information into those distributed application maps.

“Performance monitoring is so much more complicated today, with complex distributed applications, cloud-based infrastructure, and a growing user population,” said Chris Neal, CEO of BlueStripe Software. “FactFinder’s application-aware management of transactions, on-premise servers, and Azure-based components allows IT Operations teams to manage each application component from the perspective of overall application performance.”

Application-aware infrastructure performance monitoring shows IT Operations teams all the applications any individual server supports. By placing all pertinent health and performance information in a single screen within Operations Manager, the BlueStripe + System Center integrated solution provides IT Operations a single view for end-to-end distributed application monitoring. With this single view, IT Operations can understand how a single component in the data center or the Azure cloud impacts overall application health and service delivery.

FactFinder automatically discovers, maps, and monitors all business transactions running within the data center and across the Cloud. FactFinder measures performance, hop-by-hop, everywhere that transactions go, across tiers, across platforms, and across architectures – even into virtual machines, public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as third party services. When performance or availability problems occur, FactFinder follows the slow or hung transaction right to the problem component, and then drills down the server stack to determine why the problem occurred.

A member of the System Center Alliance, BlueStripe has delivered integrated solutions with Microsoft System Center 2007 R2 and System Center 2012 for several years. While each solution can each stand alone, together FactFinder and System Center make a powerful combination for IT Operations teams of all sizes.

About BlueStripe
BlueStripe Software helps IT Operations teams map, monitor, and fix distributed applications. A leading Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring solution, BlueStripe’s FactFinder manages service-level performance by tracking transactions as they move across the application infrastructure. With FactFinder, IT Operations teams move from monitoring infrastructure resources to managing service-level performance for critical applications. For additional information, please visit